Just making it work isn’t good enough…

This post’s title says it all, and pretty well sums up my feelings towards my world of projects right now. I’ve got two hot projects. One is an interactive U.S. election map for a major news network, the other is my game-editor project: Lassie Shepherd. In both cases, I’ve come to the pulling-teeth end of being SO close, but still so far from their respective finish lines. What is it about the end of a project that makes it so tedious? I suppose it’s the fact that the primary development cycle aims to just get everything working; and like it or not, that cuts corners on the smaller details. And of course, at some point you’ve got to go back in and clean up all those rough edges. It’s a tedious job, and a serious time suck. However, the best part comes when you can finally take a step back at look at the mountain that you’ve been climbing, and realize that if it were a house, then even the broom closets would have mahogany floors and brass fixtures.

So, the end is in sight on these projects, and news about Shepherd will be forth coming. It’s become a very powerful game layout tool, despite the fact that it currently has no tie-in player application to run a game based on its compiled output. However, it publishes clean and legible XML, so my hope is that third parties may adapt the Shepherd editor for creating XML structures to feed into other front-end applications.


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