Lassie Shepherd Released

Lassie Shepherd –a complete SCUMM-style adventure game engine built in AS3– is finally released. It’s only taken me two years and a whole lot of lost sleep… The system still isn’t perfect, but then, it will NEVER be perfect; so this is as good a time as any to release it.

The compiled build is posted on the Lassie website; feel free to download and have a go. I encourage developers to turn to the Lassie Forums to set up a peer-to-peer support community. Unfortunately, I have no availability to commit to technical support. All I can say is —as always— good luck and happy adventuring!


6 comments so far

  1. Chris Armstrong on

    Congratulations on this Greg! Great timing too… I was directing a guy in my class towards it today, he might be using it for our current project.

  2. Lars Daniel Forseth on

    Wow, great news! Congrats and many thanks! :)

    Cheers from Germany,

  3. Simon on

    Just stumbled on this project – looks really interesting. Congratulations on getting to your first release!

  4. wakarimasen on

    looks really iteresting – got a couple of the desginers here all enthusiastic about making something but then we clicked the links and it the domain seems to have expired. Should we be looking elsewhere? I really want to see the fruits of all your hard work and get creative with it!

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