AS3 ‘Stitch’ Particles

Happy Holidays! Well, it ’tis the season an the snow is falling, so I thought it might be appropriate to post some relevant ActionScript. So to spread some winter cheer, I’m releasing the AS3 particle library that I wrote for the (numerous) particle effects used in my current game project, “A Stitch in Time“. This particle demo includes a small sampling with snow, fire flies, will-o-wisps, and water bubbles. These core effects have been adapted into many forms in many areas within the game world.

In that demo, all four effects are driven by the same codebase. The particle system is just composed of two base classes: a particle and a particle field. From there, all implementations of the various particle effects just customize the appearance of the particle and the behavior of the field. The source files are available.

So: enjoy, stay warm, and happy holidays! I’ll post again next year after getting back from some holiday travel around South America. Or who knows… maybe I’ll post an update from the road.


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  1. as3gameprogrammer on

    Hey, the particles in the demo looks amazing and believable. I haven’t tried them in my project though (no need for particles in the moment), but maybe someday i will. thanks for sharing :)

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